Future Model

One application of our approach is the Future Modelling of entire organisations. We are applying ‘Future Model’ with great success in Local Government. It is a fantastic example of how the Ignite approaches have been brought to life to transform not only one organisation – but potentially an entire sector.

The Local Government Challenge

  • Local governments have been under pressure from central government for some years; there is increasing demand from customers, against a need to cut yet more costs
  • Cost-cutting can often result in those discretionary services (such as the arts & leisure) being reduced to meet budget demands
  • Local governments want to create a vibrant community; maintain a wide range of services, provide a quicker, more seamless journey for customers – on increasingly lower budgets.

Slicing budgets and services is no longer the solution -many councils are simply becoming unsustainable - a radical, transformational approach is required

We believe you can have it all: A council at the heart of the community; delivering great outcomes; with great customer service; on a lower cost base

Future Model is bold…it is genuinely transformational