What we do

Ignite is passionate about Innovation and Change. We believe that with the right support and challenge organisations can achieve things way beyond their expectations.

Whether organisations want to resolve a knotty problem, totally transform their organisational model or take a lead in their sector, we provide them with a clear framework and a collaborative process for stretching their thinking and for designing solutions that meet their aspirations. We also build the capability of organisations to manage a portfolio of breakthrough change over a period of years.

Ignite is unique in having two clear, yet compatible, perspectives on delivering change:


Aspire - Building world class change capability

Achieve - Enabling breakthrough solutions


Underpinning this are two things that make us really special. We energise and engage staff, supporting them through a journey - building alignment, commitment and enthusiasm as we go. We also introduce insight to stimulate creativity and to stretch thinking. Two key elements that are critical for securing speedy implementation of breakthrough change.


To have this impact we need to live up to our values of being Bold, Energising and Inspiring, which run - like Brighton Rock - through everything we do


Regardless of the nature of the engagement - working with Ignite will be truly memorable.