Insight is a critical component of the Ignite approach.

It is the catalyst that stimulates creative thinking, breaking down preconceived and deep rooted assumptions about what can and cannot be done.

An art and a science in itself, we take great care in finding the right insight and designing an activity that will work effectively in the context of the client challenge. Our research confirms that it is also a science - rooted in the way the brain works. We draw on Nobel prize winning research and are very deliberate in the way we use insight to influence the neurological patterns of the brain.

We use three types of insight:

  • comparative insights - where we engage participants in a situation that is outside of their experience and illustrates the art of the possible
  • immersion insights - where we tailor highly realistic environments that give participants the opportunity to engage deeply with a challenge and build genuine empathy with those affected
  • disruptive insights - where we jolt people into thinking differently - for example by exaggerating the challenge or breaking the rules

We have built an extensive database of practical insights that we tailor to the particular circumstances.

Contact us if you have a particular challenge that needs an injection of insight.