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2017 September Superhuman Awards Winner is Dan Butler


Dan won the September Superhuman Award and was nominated and voted the winner for achieving the below.

Being inspiring - No matter how difficult, how stressful or how damn annoying a client is being, Dan can always take his emotions out of the situation. I admire his ability to put a smile on his face, respond in a cool and calm manner and continue to support the client in their direction of travel, no matter his own personal opinions on that direction! He's never flustered in difficult situations and always remains approachable. Snide comments are like water off a ducks back.
Dan has inspired me to think about how I can be better at controlling my own emotions in these types of situations.

Being inspiring – I would like to nominate Dan for just being Dan. He inspires through being on his game, sensible, calm, diligent, helpful, flexible, focused on doing the right things. And at the same time he went off and helped run a highly successful local gala in his 'spare' time. Well done Dan!