Ignite are proud sponsors of the British Skeleton talent squad. Let's meet the ambitious bunch hoping for Olympic medal success in future Winter Games.

Kenny Howard


Kenny Howard was born the day the Berlin wall came down. We’re not saying he’s single handed to responsible for the death of communism, but surely it can’t be a coincidence? Who knows? All we know for sure is that he’s a slider to watch and a member of the British Skeleton Talent Squad who has recently been selected for the 2013/2014 North American cup squad. Kenny has one overall ambition: “Gold at the 2018 Olympics, nothing less”.


Tom Walker


Tom Walker started his sporting career in athletics, but after going through the Power2Podium programme he decided to take the explosive starting skills that he’d honed in the 100 metres and Triple jump and put them to good use in Skeleton instead. Since then he’s become a 2018 Olympic hopeful and will be soon competing in the North American cup.


Jack Thomas


Jack Thomas grew up with ambitions of becoming a footballer. However following a talent search scheme run by UK sport called Power2Podium, football’s loss became British Skeleton’s gain. Three further phases of talent selection later and Jack was heading to Lillehammer for his first time on the ice in February 2012. Despite his first run ending with a crash causing his goggles to smash at the 15th corner, Jack was not deterred and has recently won the selection race to enter the Europa Cup Squad.

Jor'dan McIntosh



Jor’dan McIntosh has been a thrill seeker from a young age, completing her first bungee jump aged just 11. So it would seem she is perfectly suited to the high speeds and G-force of Skeleton. A former national level sprinter, Jor’dan was spotted during the talent identification scheme Power2Podium” and was directed towards the sport. As Jor’dan says herself: “Skeleton chose me and I’ve enjoyed it ever since”.



James Howard has played many sports throughout school and university. Rugby was his main passion, playing winger for Windsor Rugby Club, but after watching Amy Williams dramatic victory at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, James became hooked on Skeleton. He emailed Amy asking for advice on how to become involved in the sport and was directed to the Power2Podium programme. James progressed through each stage of the talent selection process and was selected for the Talent Squad. He is now due to represent Team GB in the upcoming Europa Cup.


Jeremy Rice


Jeremy Rice is 23 and has been involved in winter sports for five years. He made the move to Skeleton in 2012 and is now a member of the British Skeleton Talent Squad. He has recently been selected for the Europa cup squad for the 2013/4 season and is on course to represent Team GB in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea