British Skeleton

We are really proud of the relationship with the British Skeleton Talent Squad

For a long time we have been deeply interested in the way British Sport transformed itself from a dismal 1996 Olympics in Atlanta where they came 36th in the world, to the giddy heights of Beijing 2008 and London 2012 where they performed magnificently and exceeded all expectation.

The similarities with businesses are both compelling and real.

A recognition in UK sport that they had too many initiatives, a lack of focus, squandered resources, chronic under-performance and a lack of collaboration and fresh thinking.

A transformation approach that introduced strong control and governance, fresh skills, decisive leadership, effective resourcing, an imaginative approach to driving up performance and a mentality centred on high performance and continuous improvement galvanised the sport and enabled this remarkable story of success.

Ignite have taken this story to their heart and used it as our inspiration to develop a bold and fresh approach for helping our clients deliver their change agenda in an equally fresh and imaginative way.

Building on this we are delighted to announce that we have now become the proud sponsor for the British Skeleton Talent Squad. Skeleton is a sport that has fully embraced this new way of operating and has already reaped the benefits through Olympic and World Championship success. We are using this relationship to further build our understanding of how excellence is achieved and maintained in sport, and how this learning can be packaged up and applied to the commercial world.

If you would like to know more about Ignite, our approach to innovation and change and our relationship with the British Skeleton Talent Squad then please contact